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Big ideas are worthy of praise, but effective implementation of those ideas brings success. DSI's track record as a Developer shows that we are successful. Time and again, we effectively bring big ideas to fruition. We do it by meeting every need, anticipating every contingency and dealing with it one step, one square foot at a time.

Implementing development plans is an intricate and often delicate process of overcoming roadblocks. One recurring obstacle is part of human nature, resistance to change. Part of our success lies in our ability to walk that intricate path, to dissipate resistance to change, and to gain community acceptance of a project and the change it represents.

Once a development concept is accepted, a whole new set of concerns must be addressed, bridging the gap between the idea and its implementation. Coordinating surveyors, earth movers, blueprints and contractors. Under our oversight, the project takes shape, meeting stringent timetables, on budget, square by square. The picture gets completed.

DSI maximizes a site's potential through innovative creation of office, retail and commercial buildings. The creation of a custom-designed building, from conception through finished construction and lease-up, involves many exacting steps.

  • Comprehensive market analysis
  • Pro forma cost estimates
  • Income projections
  • Coordinated architectural and engineering design
  • Debt and equity financing arrangements
  • Market and Lease negotiation, and
  • Property Management

From start to finish, DSI is your strong partner in property development.

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