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Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

April 11, 2024

Spring is upon us, and the change of season is a great time to make sure our homes are in tip-top shape. We know that with the winter came freezing temperatures as well as ice and snow. With all of that, the exterior of our homes could have taken on a lot of damage. The milder weather provides the perfect opportunity to get outside to check on the state of things. Here are some home maintenance tips for spring.

Inspect Your Roof
Clear Your Gutters
Check Your Siding
Tidy Up the Yard
Replace Those HVAC Filters
Check Your AC Unit
Clear Your Dryer Vent
Inspect Your Windows
Change Those Smoke Detector Batteries

Winter Update

December 5, 2023

2024 budgets and invoices were sent out to owners in December, payment is due on or before January 31st, 2024. Please keep an eye on your mail, and let us know if you do not receive your invoice by December 31st, 2023. Payments for your dues can be submitted online through our payment portal:, or via check.

Snowy season is upon us. Vendors have 12 hours to clear HOA maintained areas, after snow fall has stopped. If you notice HOA maintained areas that are not being cleared, please reach out to us at Homeowners are responsible for snow removal on their individual driveways, walkways, stoop, stairs, etc.

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