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Welcome to the Architectural Review Committee (MHARC) Homeowners Association information page!

Architectural Review Committee (MHARC)

The Middleton Hills Architectural Review Committee (ARC) was established to encourage the architectural harmony and to maintain the visual integrity of the neighborhood and to review and approve applications by owners for initial construction as well as any design or visual changes to the lots and/or the structures. The ARC consists of individuals appointed by the President of the MHNA for a term not to exceed two years with approximately 50% of the positions filled on an annual basis.

Applications for exterior painting, changes in landscaping, improvements and/or changes to the appearance of the owners property are linked below. All applications for ARC review shall be submitted to DSI Real Estate Group, LLC mharc@middletonhills.org 

The ARC meets the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 8 a.m. in the meeting room at Prairie Café when there are applications to review. Meetings are posted on the MHNA calendar (link).

To contact the MHNA Architectural Review Committee please use the contact form.

ARC Members

  • Steve Shulfer
  • Christina Mooney
  • Gary Brown
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